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Thursday, August 4th Categories: Improve Your Game, Short Game, Video Tips

World-renowned coach and Callaway Ambassador, Pete Cowen demonstrates the best techniques for achieving the perfect 50 yard pitch. Pete explains how choking down on the grip adds extra control, while using your own momentum, rather than speeding up, is crucial … more

Thursday, August 4th Categories: Bunker Shots, Improve Your Game, Video Tips

Callaway Ambassador and world-renowned coach Pete Cowen demonstrate the best way to get the ball out of a plugged bunker lie, using three different types of shot,­ each requiring a varying degree of skill. Also, hear Chief of Golf Club … more

Wednesday, August 3rd Categories: Improve Your Game, Short Game, Video Tips

Callaway ambassador Pete Cowen demonstrates the perfect placement of your hands for getting the best lob shot possible, while Chief of Golf Club Design, Roger Cleaveland, explains the importance of matching your strength and ability to the correct Callaway wedge.

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