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Callaway Brings Speed to Golfers with FT Optiforce Drivers and Fairway Woods

FT Optiforce Drivers

Meet the FT Optiforce Drivers and Fairway Woods, our new clubs that debut several new and systematically-designed technologies to help increase a golfer’s clubhead speed, ball speed and thus overall distance. The FT Optiforce Driver will – in a first from Callaway – offer loft and lie adjustability to optimise launch conditions. In a distinct approach, we’re launching two variations of the FT Optiforce Driver clubhead to help golfers find their optimal performance.

“Callaway has always placed the golfer’s performance first when developing clubs and we feel strongly that one club head does not fit all golfers,” said Dr. Alan Hocknell, SVP, Research & Development, Callaway Golf. “Players using an 8.5-degree driver are fundamentally different than players using 12.5-degrees of loft, so with the FT Optiforce Driver we have optimised each of the two available heads — the 440cc and the 460cc – and adjusted critical elements like size, weight, centre of gravity position, moment of inertia and others so that golfers have the best chance to optimise their launch conditions for better total performance.”

The four primary technologies that merge to generate the speed and performance advantages of Callaway’s new drivers are outlined below:

FT Optiforce ToeAerodynamic Efficiency
The FT Optiforce driver was born from an aggressively aerodynamic prototype that Callaway tested while exploring the complex variations in aerodynamic flow during a driver’s entire downswing. As a result, the FT Optiforce driver – based on its shape and construction – is tops among the fastest and most aerodynamically efficient driver Callaway has ever brought to market, leading to increases in clubhead speed. The FT Optiforce has been measured with 23 percent less drag than a conventionally shaped driver.*

Fast Configuration
advanced-optifit-technologyThe new fairway woods have a Forged Speed Frame Face Cup made of high strength Carpenter 455 stainless steel that produces significantly hotter responses all across the face. The optimised centre of gravity (CG) in the fairway wood, accomplished in part through a proprietary design called the Internal Standing Wave, delivers a higher launch with slightly more spin than the X Hot Fairway Wood, resulting in consistent distances from everywhere on the course — the tee, fairway or rough. The FT Optiforce Fairway Woods have a higher MOI as well, which contributes to the forgiveness and consistency that make these clubs easy to hit.

The FT Optiforce Fairway Woods are also available with two stock shaft offerings, a 53-gram Project X Velocity shaft and a secondary Misubishi Diamana S+ shaft.

Callaway’s new FT Optiforce Drivers will be available from 12th July.

*23% less drag claim based on calculated energy loss due to drag throughout the downswing of the 440 FT Optiforce model (9.5-degree) versus a Callaway X Hot Pro 9.5-degree Driver.

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