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Our experienced team of Custom Fit Specialists are dedicated to getting every inch out of your game and lowering your scores. Utilising our advanced swing analysis technology, we can identify where adjustments to your equipment can make significant improvements to your golf. By matching the best equipment for your current swing, we can help deliver greater accuracy, increased distance and improved ball flight, all with the aim of lowering your scores and enhancing your enjoyment of the game.

It’s Your Session

We take the same approach with you as we do with our Tour Professionals. Our aim is to get to know you and your game – the more we can find out, the more beneficial your experience will be.

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Your 90 Minute Custom Fitting session

In 90 minutes, we’ll cover woods and irons, and if required, go through the rest of the bag to assess your wedges, putter and recommend the right ball for your game. With the latest technology at our disposal, you’ll find out how you’re hitting your own clubs, and you’ll see and feel the difference that Callaway’s latest products will make to your game.

You’ll come away with a full recommendation and specification for your next set of clubs (including lofts, lies, shafts and grips) which you can give to your local pro shop or golf retailer to place your order.

What is measured

Trackman logoYour Callaway Custom Fitting Specialist has immediate access to thousands of different club head, shaft and grip combinations. By working with the industry’s leading ball flight monitoring system, Trackman, we’ll analyse your swing and extract the technical data in the key areas outlined below:


  • Club Head Speed

    Clubhead speed

    This is a measurement of how fast the clubhead is travelling at impact. Clubhead speed will help determine shaft flex, shaft weight and even loft during the fitting. The faster the clubhead speed, the more potential for ball speed.

  • Ball Speed

    Ball speed

    Ball speed informs the club fitter how fast the ball leaves the clubface and if the player is making good contact. The higher the ball speed, the more the ball’s Centre of Gravity (CG) and the club’s CG are in line at impact – i.e. how well the player is striking the ball.

  • Attack Angle

    Attack Angle

    This is the measurement of how steep the clubhead is travelling at impact with the ball. This can affect the spin characteristics and launch angle. Choosing the right clubhead in terms of models, loft and offset, as well as the right shaft, relative to a player’s swing characteristics is essential to maximise launch conditions.

  • Launch Angle

    Launch angle

    This is the angle relative to the ground when the ball leaves the clubface. Launch angle is crucial information for fitting a player into the correct loft. The ideal launch angle combined with the proper amount of back spin will maximise carry distance.

  • Side-Angle

    Side angle

    This is a measurement in degrees of where the golf ball starts relative to the target. Side angle is primarily used when fitting (for drivers) for face angle and Centre of Gravity (CG). Face angle is the measurement of how the club sits at address (open, neutral or closed) and CG is the weighted bias of the club (Neutral or Draw).

  • Back Spin

    Spin Axis

    Spin rate of the ball is measured in RPM’s. Back spin is what lifts the ball and keeps it airborne. Not enough back spin will cause the shot to drop out of the air and will reduce carry distance. Too much back spin will cause the shot to balloon, reducing carry distance and roll. Side spin is a measurement of how much left or right spin is imparted on the shot and indicates whether a player is drawing/hooking or fading/slicing the ball.

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Local Product Specialists

If you’re looking for a fitting experience, closer to home, Callaway has a network of over 1700 qualified product specialists with Callaway’s OptFit Custom Fitting system. Click here to find your nearest specialist whose knowledge, experience and training will give you great advice and a recommendation on the best clubs for your game